Meera Hospital, Best Gynecologist in Jaipur,

Complementary Medicine & Bowen Technique


Original Hands on technique from Australia, developed by Tom Bowen

Acupuncture Series

Ancient method to Balance Internal Energies to Relieve Symptoms.

Sujok Acupuncture

Modern form of Acupuncture developed by professor Park Jae Woo, useful for many painful & non painful conditions.

Clinical Hypnosis and NLP

  • Cognitive therapy to collapse old limiting belief.
  • Useful for many behaioural and psychosomatic ailments such as phobias.
  • Session Ranges 20 minutes +

Twist Therapy

  • Balances muscle meridian with easy to follow movements.
  • Useful for chronic Muscle pains
  • Sometimes instantaneous relief is observed
  • One session takes less than 15 minute

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