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Dr. Rajesh Agarwal

Dr. Rajesh Agarwal

Sonography Department
Meera Hospital, Jaipur
Dr. Rajesh Agarwal is associated with us since 20 years, and is expert in all abdominal and obstetrics. He has written various papers published in national and internationl journals of radiology.
Title Name of Journal
Fetal Cholelithiasis Ultrasound International, 1996; 2: 91-95
Ectopia Cordis Associated with Gastroschisis
and other structural Defects
Ultrasound International, 1997; 3: 37-41
Sonographic Assessment of Gallstone Disease Indian Journal of Radiology and Imaging 1996; 7:1:37-44
Natural History of Prenatally Detected
Ovarian Cyst
Ultrasound International, 1998; 4:154-161
Implantation Dermoid of the Vagina Ultrasound International, 1998; 4:206.208
Prenatally Diagnosed Case of Bladder Outflow Obstruction Ultrasound International, 1999; 5: 36-41
Sonograhic Assessment of Fetal abdominal
cystic lesions
Indian Journal of Radiology and Imaging 1999,9:4:169-182
Prenatal Diagnosis of Holoprosencephaly Indian Journal of Radiology and Imaging 2000;10;93-98
Prenatal Diagnosis of chromosomal Anomalies Indian Journal of Radiology and Imaging 2003;13:2: 173-187
Prenatal Diagnosis of anterior abdominal wall
Indian Journal of Radiology and Imaging 2005,15:3:361-372
X- Ray Machine X- Ray Machine
An X-Ray Machine is special kind of camera that takes a picture of things inside your body. This picture usually shows your bones and organs. Having the X-ray picture taken does not hurt at all.
Sonography Machine Sonography Machine
Sonography has been used in a variety of clinical settings, including obstetrics and gynecology, cardiology and cancer detection. The main advantage of Sonography is that certain structures can be observed without using radiation. Sonography can also be done much faster than X-rays or other radiographic techniques.
OPG Machine OPG Machine
Dentopan OPG Machine for minimal distortion of arisen & good details. It is especially useful to diagnose fractures of the Jaws, in E.N.T. and in case where multiple touch are affluent.